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Benefiting Business with Magic

Corporate Magic builds image for the firm.


It builds corporate image through trade shows, investor relations, and internal staff building and recognition.


Corporate Image is a priceless tool in today's market place. It is the way the world sees your organization, your personnel, and your product. The organization has different images among different publics internal and external to the organization. Corporate Image is an investment in the firm, the staff and the customer base. All three take special attention and can be coordinated. A consistent image with investors, staff, and customer base is very desirable and obtainable.


Trade Shows today make up as much as 70% of the total promotional effort of many organizations today. They can account for virtually all of the firm's availability to the customer base. This is especially true for organizations that depend on business to business sales. Well done, it can be extremely productive. That requires a very intensive, well-focused, and professional effort. It is a marketing program, not just an entertainment. The trade show is a strategic tool to gain meaningful attention from target markets in a very competitive and intensive environment. It should create image, contacts and sales. Additionally, it should gather useful marketing intelligence for the management of the firm. Trade Shows require a well-trained, focused and enthusiastic staff.


Investor Relations is an ongoing activity in publicly owned and traded firms. This also requires meaningful attention, and stage setting to enhance communications and working relationships. Shares that are being held are always a better sign than shares that are available for sale. Nothing else stirs anticipation like magic. It is a very effective addition in investor relations programs.


Internal Staff Building and Recognition is a key to projecting a positive corporate image. The staffs’ faces and attitudes are the billboards of the firm’s public corporate image. When the public comes in contact with one of the firm’s employees, it sees the real firm through its impression of how the employee appears to see the firm and his role in it. Enthusiastic buyers are seeking enthusiastic suppliers.


Commercials and commercial messages benefit from borrowed image. It reduces recognition time, it helps validate the message, and aids in channel redundancy. Linking magic commercials to trade show presentation takes advantage of many of the most powerful tools in advertising.


Bob Sanders is experienced at delivering a wide variety of magical experiences specifically geared for your audiences and the expectation at hand. From two-hour illusion stage shows, meeting room platform shows, to one on one personal shows at your trade show booth, Bob Sanders is equipped, experienced, and eager to meet your corporate need. For meetings, employee appreciation ceremonies and picnics, trade shows, commercials, and even public service contributions to maintain a presence, a magic show from Bob Sanders will entertain, gain meaningful attention, impress your audience, and create a fond bond between the firm and the publics with which it works and achieves.


Start reaping the benefits of dynamic magic presentations for your business, organization, product or cause now.


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