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   Corporate Magic, Motivational Speaker, Marketing Intelligence: Bob Sanders, Professional Magician

Professional Trade Show Magic and Entertainment by Bob Sanders - Professional Magician and Corporate Entertainer

The Corporate Trade Show Magician / Entertainer Can and Should be much more than just an attention getting entertainer.

The Best Corporate & Trade Show Magicians and Entertainers:

  1. Are marketing professionals.
  2. Understand your firmís objectives. 
  3. Work toward achieving the firmís goals.
  4. Prospect for target customers.
  5. Hold prospects and transfer them to your organizationís staff.
  6. Gather information (marketing intelligence) from the prospect.
  7. Establish positive relationships with the prospect.
  8. Enhance the image of the firm and the staff.
  9. Encourage and support the firmís staff.
  10. Build future contacts for the firm.

Bob Sanders is a professional magician / entetainer with over four decades in the industry. He is also a published former university professor with years of teaching MBA and undergraduate students in the fields of Marketing, Management and Finance. He has many years of professional experience as a fee consultant and marketing researcher for Fortune 500 companies, the not-for-profits, universities and governmental agencies, political campaigns, and as a registered lobbyist. Bob is no stranger to trade shows, stockholder meeting, sales meetings, and media events. He understands the expectations of the CEO, CFO, COO and COB. He's been one!

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Bob Sanders Is Your Organization's Magician!

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Trade Shows and Corporate Meetings Serve Very Important Purposes In A Very Competitive World

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