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Valuable Experience in the Entertainment Industry:

Over the forty-seven years Bob has spent in the entertainment industry, which has been as both an entertainer and entrepreneur, his specialties have been centered in magic and illusion, recorded music, and rodeo. Currently, as an entertainer, he is only involved in performing magic and illusion shows for adults, children, and family audiences. All of his shows are suitable for family audiences. The shows available to you can range from close up table magic for trade shows, sales meetings and private parties to full scale two-hour stage show productions with only magic and stage illusions. For many years, he also did shows for major shopping malls, hotels, and trade shows. Fundraisers have also been a popular venue for Bob for many years.

For nearly three decades, he has enjoyed a reputation as an outstanding dove magician. With his wife, he also performs other stage shows using other animals. Among animals they have used, beyond their normal white doves, are geese, rabbits, and horses. She also has her own acts both with and independent of his shows. Watch for the 2005 seasons with the live unicorn in the Star Dancer Castle productions. For information contact

Valuable Experience and Unique Education:

A very unique qualification is the fact that Bob has also been a full-time university professor at the graduate and undergraduate levels in the fields of marketing, management, and finance. In addition to the Ph.D. work and publishing in advertising and those fields, he has doctoral work in television and film production. And he has been the talent in television commercials. More unique is his experience as CEO, CFO, Director of Marketing and as a contracted marketing researcher for international firms. Market intelligence is a field in his professional experience and it blends well with being a magician/ entertainer. With years of experience as a registered lobbyist, meeting people and persuading come very naturally to him. The professional image extends well beyond the entertaining magic. The combination of entertainer and management consultant gives you extensive research and presentation capacity. These can prove very valuable in management decisions, training, and employee meetings.

Standard Stage or Platform Show:

The most standard magic show performed is about twenty-two minutes of a comedy stage or platform show including doves and other stage props, appropriate costumes, audience participation and lively color. Bob does not do major escapes that encourage unsafe behaviors for children or nonprofessional magicians, blue material, nor does he purposefully set out to humiliate or distress members of my audience. Most of his routines are those developed by himself and for which he has won competitions among his peers in the International Brotherhood of Magicians and/or the Society of American Magicians. His peers voted him Magicians’ Magician of the Year 1981-82.

Other Standard Show Types:

Magic shows can be geared to the needs of the specific situation. Stage Shows can run from twenty-two minutes to two hours for the full event. Malls, fairs, fashion shows and some others prefer a schedule of several short shows throughout the date to draw and release crowds. For trade shows there are formal stage shows, booth shows, sales meeting shows, and hospitality room entertainment. Another schedule for trade shows is to actually spend several hours on the sales floor at the exhibit performing for small groups or individuals visiting the exhibit. This is especially helpful in retaining the prospect until a salesperson is available to cultivate them.

Most standard shows can be customized at little or no extra cost to better fit the occassion, venue, sponsor or other conditions. Deliver your message magically from stage!

Promoting You and Your Show:

Often it is possible to work a sponsor’s product, name or an event theme into the actual magic show with little or no added charge. It catches the audience paying attention! And it is frequently news worthy.

When possible for special events, festivals, fund-raisers, state fairs, fashion shows, etc. he will cooperate to whatever extent is practical with pre-event publicity such as photographs, recorded messages, PSA or commercial video or sound bites, newspaper or television interviews and other promotion. He takes great pride in pleasing, entertaining and amazing audiences to make your event a very memorable success. It is indeed a live performance!

Definitely Worth Repeating:    Bob takes a great deal of pride in pleasing, entertaining and amazing your audiences to make your event a very memorable success.

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